ARTICLE I        [ NAME ]


This club will be called the Hong Kong Japanese Dragon Boat Club




(1)        To maintain our health and build up strength through the dragon boat activities and at the same time develop the relationship among the members.

  • To increase our communication with the HK local community and develop our interaction.
  • To promote the “HK Japanese Dragon Boat Club” name as well as the goodness of Dragon Boating among the Japanese.




1)         Anyone (male / female) who is 18 yrs or older, in good health, and is based in or near Hong Kong. (Must be able to swim more than 50M)   Membership to the club may be permissible for someone under 18 years of age, if they join with their parents.

2)         The membership period will be from January 1st until December 31st.





In order to manage this Club the following committee members will be instated and they will hold regular committee meetings to make the necessary decisions to run the club


  1. Chairman             :           One chairman will be elected by the Club members.

The chairman will be responsible to carry out the overall supervision of the Club. The term of post will be one year from the present year’s AGM to the following year’s AGM. He/she maybe re-elected again.

  1. Vice Chairman             :           The Chairman may appoint a few vice-chairmen to

manage the Club and their duties will be to assist the Chairman. Term of post will be the same as the Chairman.

  1. Committee Members     : The Chairman may appoint a few committee members.

These members will carry out the duties allocated to them by the Chairman, and along with the Vice-Chairmen they will make sure that the club operates smoothly, and support the Chairman. Term of post will be the same as the Chairman.

  1. Treasurer                       :           One individual will be appointed as the Treasurer and will be

responsible to take care of all the financial matters, and to support the Chairman. Term of post will be the same as the Chairman.

  1. Honorary Advisor          :           At the committee meeting, if there are any people thought to

be appropriate to become Honorary Advisors to the Club, they may be appointed with the approval from the Club members.


By mutual election, one financial auditor will be elected from among the club members (excluding committee members). This financial auditor maybe called upon to carry out an audit to maintain the integrity of the club’s financial status.



ARTICLE V       :           [ ACTIVITIES ]


  1. Paddling Practices

Paddling practices will take place all throughout the year. Practice times, place, & timeframe are to be discussed by the committee members and those selected committee members as stated in Article X and once decided, will be informed to all members accordingly.


  1. Race Participation

Which races to join and the members who will be participating in those races will be discussed by committee members and those selected committee members as stated in Article X and once decided, will be informed to all members accordingly.



  1. Miscellaneous Activities

Besides the activities mentioned above, other activities in line with the purpose of this Club may be carried out if judged appropriate at the Committee Meeting.





  1. [ ADMISSION ]

Anyone wishing to join the Club may do so with the nomination from another Club member.



Anyone who wishes to withdraw from the Club may do so by informing his/her intentions.


  1. Anyone who is found to carry out activities contrary to the Club’s Principles, or

disgrace the Club in anyway, may be asked to leave the Club based upon the decision by the committee members.




  1. The committee members will look into the Club’s financial status and then decide on a reasonable admission fee & membership fee for that particular year.   All members should pay their membership fees when asked to do so.
  2. There will be no refund to any members withdrawing from the Club in the middle of the year.
  3. All members joining the club after the end of the peak season, which is to be decided upon by the committee members of that year, should pay the annual membership fees agreed at the committee meeting at the same time as they apply for their membership.




  1. The AGM will be held sometime in December every year. The financial status report should be reported at the AGM as well as the election of the Chairman.
  2. Decision of the topics to be covered at the AGM

The minutes from the previous year’s AGM will be verified and the topics for the coming year should be decided by the committee prior to the upcoming AGM. The topics and relevant documents should be notified to all in advance.

  1. Establishment of the AGM

The establishment of the AGM can be possible if there is a majority of the total number of club members in attendance including the committee members and the submitted proxies, excluding the chairperson of the AGM.

  1. Election of the chairperson

The chairperson will be appointed by the club’s chairman and with approval from the majority of those in attendance (including the proxies submitted) may carry out the duties of the AGM procession.

  1. Voting at the AGM

Votes at the AGM will be approved with the majority of the attendees (inclusive of the proxies submitted and exclusive of the chairperson).




When it is deemed necessary to make any amendments or additions to the regulations, the committee members should first discuss the terms at the committee meeting and thereafter seek approval by all the Club members, and these amendments/additions should be made as and when necessary.





Aside from the committee members, sub-committee supporters may be called upon throughout the year to help take care of the club.


ARTICLE XI      :           [ OTHERS ]


All Club members undertake to join the Club activities at their own risk and neither the club nor its members can be held liable for any damages or losses incurred from those activities.



Latest revision in December 2015